Weirdos “Solitary Confinement”
The Necessaries “You Can Borrow My Car”
Undertones “Mars Bars”
Drags “I Like To Die”
Tortured Tongues “Extension Cord”
Airfix Kits “Playing Both Sides”

Eddy Current Suppression Ring “I Got A Feeling”
Vermin Poets “Achilles Heel”
King Tuff “Freak When I’m Dead”
Cheater Slicks “Crying”

The Reactionaries “1979”
Overnight Lows “Shut Up Looking At Me”
The Inhalants “Kill You”
Chin Chin “Desires Only”
Eyes “Disneyland”
Sharp Ends “Loaded Hearts”
Personal and The Pizzas “Pepperoni Eyes”
Useless Eaters “Malfunction”
Guinea Worms “Drunk In Your Uggs”

Pleasure Kills “Touch Too Much”
Tyler Jon Tyler “Faster Than Light”
The Emmanuelles “Get It Going On”
Shannon & The Clams “You Can Come Over”
The Pleasure Seekers “Never Thought You’d Leave Me”
Lavender Hour “I’ve Got A Way With Girls”
Oblivians “Do The Milkshake”
Ty Segall “Fuzzy Cat”

Dadfag “Tits”
Wreckless Eric “Take The Cash (K.A.S.H.)”
Go-Betweens “Karen”
Best Coast “Sun Was High (So WasI)”
Neutral Milk Hotel “Everything Is”
Rad Cloud “The Tricky Jerk”

Nothing People “Enemy With An Invitation”
The Missing Links “Wild About You”
Mickey “She’s So Crazy”
The Impediments “(Don’t) Mess Me Around”
Arsene Obscene “Fier”

Strange Boys “Between Us”
Exray’s “Everything Goes”
Grant Hart “California Zephyr”
Brian James “Ain’t That A Shame”
Johnny Hash “Summer Of Cum”
King Sound Quartet “Annihilate This Week”
Eat Skull “Jerusalem Mall”

Jacuzzi Boys “Burn It Down”
Baseball Furies “Don’t Leave This Place”
Human Hands “Sensible Guy”
Fuckboyz “Nurse”
Gasoline “Let’s Go Harley”

Rank/Xerox “Masking/ Confessions”
Wetdog “Lower Leg”
The Mayfair Set “Let It Melt”

The Lyres “Don’t Give It Up Now”

1st Hour

2nd Hour

3rd Hour

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