KUSF 04.07.09 12-3 PM Guests Shotwell, The Reaction, and The Jack Saints

2nd Hour Interview with Jimmy from Shotwell, Wade and Phil from The Reaction and Mike from Jack Saints

The Reaction “Upstairs Downstairs”
Shotwell “Genocide Of The PUnx”
Jack Saints “Radiation Radio”
The Reaction “Man From Amsterdam”
Shotwell “Neighborhood Man”
Jack Saints “White Trash”
The Reaction “?”
Shotwell “Enemy In The House”
The Reaction “?”
Jack Saints “Folsom Street Blues”

About The Reaction
the conditions of the Reaction's activity explain both its discipline and the forms of hostility it encounters. they are interested not in finding a niche in the present artistic edifice, but in undermining it. the Reaction is in the catacombs of visible culture. our times thus compel us, once again, to write in a new way. some elements will be intentionally omitted; and the plan will have to remain unclear. listeners will encounter certain decoys, like the very hallmark of the era. as long as certain notes are interpolated here and there, the overall meaning may appear: just as secret clauses have very often been added to whatever treaties may openly stipulate;just as some chemical agents only reveal their hidden properties when they are combined with others. however, there will be only too many things which are, alas, easy to understand. the Reaction seeks to convey the tenuous balance between object and action by which they maintain the tentative relations with the forces they organise, and how they are inherently subject to change, capable of resisting closure and objectification by acknowledging and engaging NOISE .
WADE DRIVER - vocals, guitar, metal percussion, saxophone, keyboard. LIZ BYRNE - bass, vocals, acoustic guitar. floor tom. PHIL GALANTE - drums, vocals. WILLY NILZ - drums. GWEN - drums. RADEK - media

Shotwell 25 was formed in San Francisco's Mission District in 2004. We play world-jazz funk-hop, with stylistic influences from African, bebop, Latin and hiphop musical traditions. It's dance music -- we make beats that move feet.
Russell Blaine, Trumpet & Percussion
Jacob Leland, Tenor
Hugh Lurie, Bass
Olliver Mok, Guitar
Nick Fitsimons, Drums
Atiim Chenzira, Vocals

Dirty and gritty garage rock n roll with a Rip Off sound. It's raw and straightforward and that's how I like it. Nothing over-complicated, just basic rock n roll with lots of energy. They've released stuff on Man's Ruin and Scooch Pooch so that gives a good indication of what sound to expect, and the drummer is formerly of the NEW BOMB TURKS... and Captain Sean Doe from THROWRAG guests on a couple of tracks too. The key is their plainness.. just fast and vulgar rock n roll. It's like cheap drugs and cheaper sex all mixed up. No pretense, short and fast and just a blast.

1st Hour

The Normals “Almost Ready”
Los Reactors “Dead In the Suburbs”
Dogs “Slash Your Face”
Candy Snatchers “Doin’ Time”
The Shirks “Dangerous”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Noise In My Head”

Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers “Sweet Thang”
Condo Fucks “Dog Meat”
The Obits “Put It In Writing”
Young Offenders “Wen Ho Lee”
Wooden Shjips “Motorbike”
Mayyors “White Jeep”
Volcano Suns “Dot On The Map”
Groupies “Hog”
The Cheifs “Blues”
King Khan & BBQ Show “Animal Party”

3rd Hour

Strange Boys “That Girl Taught Me To Dance”
Jacuzzi Boys “Blowing Kisses”
The Zips “Take Me Down”
Algebra Mothers “Modern Noise”
Stolen Minks “Bring It”
Wavves “So Bored”
France Has The Bomb “Invisible Angle”
The Love Me Nots “Give Em What They Want”

Dickies “Curb Job”
Dickies “If Stuart Could Talk”
Zero Boys “Civilization’s Dying”
Death “Rock-N-Roll Victim”
Eat Skull “Heavens Stranger”
Monday Morning Mudslide “Black Bag Job”

Idle Times “Whatever Works For You”
The Whines “Insane OK”
Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds “Funky Fly”
Muslims “Future Rock”
The Oh Sees “Meat Step Lively”

Photobooth “Da Me Tus Besos”
Dexter Romweber Duo “Cigarette Party”
Ty Segall “Skin”
Blank Dogs “Setting Fire To Your House”
Brilliant Colors “Over There”
Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers “Stop Stalling”

Negative Trend “Meathouse”

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